Default calendars

What are Default calendars?

Default calendars are calendars that can be forcibly added to all users of the system or specific groups.


Marketing calendar. The marketing calendar must be available to the entire marketing department. You do not need to add the necessary calendars to the newly hired marketer manually. Jira will add the calendar to him.

Study calendar. I am a Methodist and want all students to have a fresh schedule on their calendars. For this, I add a training calendar for all my students.

How to create a default calendar?

Attention, you will need administrative rights for the Jira.

  1. Go to System->Apps->DOITBETTER CALENDAR->Default calendars

  2. Click “Add default calendars"

  3. Select a calendar and a group to whom you want to add it.
    The "Always add" checkbox allows users who already have calendars to add default calendars. If you do not click it, the calendar will be added only to users without calendars.